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Staking TRX cryptocurrency in TR.ENERGY provides an opportunity to receive passive income without risking your assets. The company offers a staking method that provides high profitability through the efficient use of TRON blockchain energy.

How it works?

By staking TRX, users receive the energy needed to pay transaction fees in the TRON ecosystem. The TR.ENERGY service delegates the energy of stakers to other clients who want to reduce commission costs. As a result, TR.ENERGY stakers receive rewards ranging from 18% to 22%.

When staking, TR.ENERGY clients do not need to transfer their funds from the wallet. It is necessary to give the rights only to manage energy and vote for super-representatives. These permissions can be verified independently on the blockchain.

Права TR.ENERGY при подключении кошелька для стейкинга TRX

Step-by-step instructions for starting staking:

  1. Buy TRX: Buy TRX on any cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. Transfer to Wallet: Transfer TRX to a secure wallet such as TronLink or Trust Wallet.
  3. Registering an account in TR.ENERGY
  4. Granting rights to 100 TRX: Delegate the rights to manage your Energy to TR.ENERGY.
  5. Buying a «reactor»
  6. Specify the amount of TRX for staking
  7. Receiving income: TR.ENERGY will find buyers, and you will receive income from renting your Energy.

TR.ENERGY reactor

In order to start staking in the service, you need to purchase a subscription. It is called a “reactor” — 1 reactor increases the investment limit by 1 million TRX. The subscription period is 1 year, there is auto-renewal. The price is $100, you can purchase any number of reactors.

What are the risks?

There is only one risk — a fall in the TRX rate. In other aspects, the security of TR.ENERGY clients’ assets is fully guaranteed by the TRON blockchain.

Let’s take a closer look at the TRX cryptocurrency

TRX (Tronix) is a cryptocurrency created on the TRON platform, launched in September 2017 under the leadership of Justin Sun. TRON aims to create a decentralized digital content sharing platform that allows creators to interact directly with consumers, cutting out middlemen.

TRX’s popularity is due to its innovative approach to decentralizing the Internet, the active work of the team led by Justin Sun, and the high performance of the network, capable of processing a large number of transactions per second.

TRX is a strong asset due to the steady development of the TRON platform and its ecosystem, as well as the increasing acceptance and use of decentralized applications (dApps). While volatility is inherent in many cryptocurrencies, TRX demonstrates resilience and potential for growth, offering long-term opportunities for investors interested in innovation and decentralized technology.

The average transaction confirmation time on TRON is about 3 seconds, which is significantly faster compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each block on the TRON network can accommodate up to 2000 transactions, which allows it to process a huge number of transactions per unit of time.

TRX occupies an honorable 13th place among all cryptocurrencies in the world, which indicates its high capitalization and liquidity. Thanks to this, TRX has reduced volatility.

Graphs and statistics TRX (TRONIX)

Based on the graph of the price and growth of active clients of the TRX cryptocurrency, we can conclude that it is only growing over time.

Technical features of TRX staking in TR.ENERGY

Withdrawal of funds from your personal account: instant, minimum 100 TRX
AUTO-CAPITALIZATION — you can activate auto-reinvest and then we will independently take amounts from 1000 TRX from your wallet or personal account balance to staking

Staker’s personal account:

TRX staker's personal account in TR.ENERGY

Stakers receive a reward from 18% to 22% per annum TRX on the wallet balance in their TR.ENERGY personal account. Accruals occur every minute.

Accrual for staking TRX TR.ENERGY

Why is TRX staking in TR.ENERGY?

Because TR.ENERGY has one of the highest returns on the market compared to its competitors. These are not just numbers, but a precise business model. TR.ENERGY combines services — TRX staking and energy rental to reduce commission costs in TRC-20 transactions. The moment some users place a bet, energy is transferred to other users. In the end, everyone wins. Stakers earn high interest on their deposits, and energy buyers save on TRC-20 transaction fees, which are 4 times cheaper than regular transfers!

For more information and to get started with TR.ENERGY, visit the official website.

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